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D.Medvedev has declared danger of activization of terrorists before elections

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has declared danger of activization of insurgents in the North Caucasus in elections of the head of the state and has demanded from Federal Agency safety (FSB) of Russia not to admit such succession of events.
the political leader has declared it today, on February, 7th, during performance on board of FSB which broadcasts TV channel Russia 24 . D.Medvedev has noticed that to department in 2011. It was possible to achieve quite notable results - to prevent eight acts of terrorism. And all 94 crimes of a terrorist orientation have been prevented, the head of the state has added.
thus the Russian president has noticed that cardinally to lower quantity of similar crimes yet it is not possible .
D.Medvedev also has concerned also successes of FSB in respect of counteraction to espionage: FSB in 2011. Has stopped activity 41 personnel scouts and 158 agents of services of the foreign states, among which 26 citizens of the Russian Federation. The head of the state named these indicators in good figures also has noticed that activity of foreign special services, which understandably are interested in economic and political life of Russia, does not fall down.
besides it, the president of the Russian Federation has specified to representatives of FSB in necessity of a reasonable expenditure of the means allocated for maintenance of transport safety. D.Medvedev has underlined that at it in this respect there are questions also has reminded that expenditure should be directed on suppression terrorist activity .