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Greece will be fenced off from Turkish immigrants by a wall

the Greek authorities have made the decision on building of a protective wall on border with Turkey. As consider in Athenes, it should reduce inflow of the illegal immigrants getting on territory of Europe through Greek - Turkish border.
extent of a barrier will be made by 10 km, height - 2,5 m. the Wall will be constructed on that site where the greatest quantity of attempts of illegal immigration is fixed. Earlier on the same place representatives of Athenes were going to dig 120 - a kilometre anti-tank ditch.
according to the government, only for last year border have illegally crossed 55 thousand immigrants.
recently the relation between the Turkish and Greek parties you will not name companionable. In particular, vitse - the prime minister of Turkish government Beshir Atalaj in interview of radio station of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has declared that if in 2012. The representative of Cyprus becomes the president of the European Union, Turkey will break off relations from EU.
Israel became a stumbling-block between the states. After strain of relations with this country Turkey began to conduct the open Antiisraeli policy and some times spoke against intentions of Cyprus together with Israel to spend workings out in Mediterranean sea. And, except that, the Israeli gas deposit Leviafan borders on an economic zone of Cyprus, and all event in it influences and the Israeli interests.
an antiimmigrant wall - not a unique consequence of the become aggravated relations between Turkey and Greece. So, one and a half weeks ago to Greece giving of gas has stopped from Turkey. Past week Turkey has unilaterally reduced import of gas from - for the abnormal colds established in region.
It was expected that deliveries will return to former volume within the next few days, but from - for technical problems on the Azerbaijan deposit the Shah - Deniz of Turkey was necessary to stop completely giving of natural gas to Greece.
by the evening on February, 7th preventive works will be finished, and gas production will be restored in a former mode, hope in BP Azerbaijan.