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B.Clinton has conceded a bed of J. To Bush, having fallen asleep on a floor

Unusual details of the trip to the countries Jugo - East Asia, suffered from a tsunami has told today to the press eks - US president Bill Clinton. Judging by its words, the trip as the special representative of the Secretary general of the United Nations has been interfaced to set of extreme circumstances.
so, during flight from the USA to Indonesia in the plane where there were two eks - the US president - Bill Clinton and George Bush - the senior there was only one bed. Proceeding from circumstances Bill Clinton has immediately made gentlemen`s gesture also has given bed to the more senior companion. It at first has played in cards in other room, and then has gone to bed on a floor.
from its part J. Bush in interview to magazine Newsweek has informed that B.Clinton has suggested it to go to sleep, having told that is going to play in cards. Next morning Bush has found out B.Clinton sleeping on a floor. We could exchange in places, everyone would sleep on half-night on a bed, but it has conceded to me. From its party it was very kind, it means for me " much; - the J has told. Bush.
it is necessary to tell that 58 - to summer B.Clinton more recently, in September 2004., the difficult heart operation (aorto - coronary shunting) has been executed, that is this eks - the US president having made similar gesture in the plane risked own health, and is possible also life.