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L.Kuchma: J.Kravchenko could not order to kill G.Gongadze

Eks - the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma considers the former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Kravchenko found dead on March, 4th on own summer residence, not privy to murder of journalist George Gongadze. He has told About it today after ceremony of farewell to J.Kravchenko.
ď I under no circumstances will not believe that it could give such criminal order ď - L.Kuchma has told, answering questions of journalists. eks - the president could not answer a question, whether he trusts in suicide of the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
to Say goodbye to J.Kravchenko the former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Smirnov, the former state secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Gapon, eks - the secretary of Security Council, the adviser of the president Vladimir Gorbulin, People`s Deputies has come also.
we will remind, eks - the minister has been found dead with two gunshot wounds of a head. On March, 4th JU. Kravchenko should be on interrogation in the State Office of Public Prosecutor as the witness on the case of murder of the journalist of G.Gongadze.
the General of internal service J.Kravchenko who has not lived one day to the 54 - letija, headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in 1995 - 2001„„. Then occupied posts of the chairman of the Kherson regional state administration, the chairman of the state tax administration.
in the agonal note which authenticity is checked, he has accused L.Kuchma of political intrigues and has told that became a victim of these intrigues.
at the same time the widow of the late general has addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine. She accuses a number of politicians that they have finished her husband to suicide.
also it is necessary to notice that in J.Kravchenko`s death, also, as well as in G.Gongadze`s †destruction, remains a lot of not clear. In particular, at once, as soon as it became known about death of the general, the official Ukrainian authorities have declared suicide eks - the minister. Not clearly, such confidence, after all at that point in time about any, even preliminary results of examination it was known not whence results.
at the same time the version of violent death was flatly rejected by the authorities. Though suicide of the person on the eve of a summer residence of rather important indications to a consequence should cause suspicions. This death is especially suspicious that the dead shot at itself twice, and, both times in a head. And though deadly there was only a second shot, the suicide needed to have enviable self-control to finish begun, to fainting from the painful shock which has arisen after the first shot.
the given suicide, by the way, has occurred at once after V.Jushchenko`s official announcement that G.Gongadze`s business completely is opened.