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The Moscow authorities prepare for a spring high water

In Moscow the city commission on maintenance of the admission of a spring high water will be created. As have informed in the government of Moscow, the corresponding order was signed by the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov. The freshet commission will be headed by the first deputy of the mayor in the government of Moscow Peter Aksenov.
According to the document, the commission is created with a view of carrying out of actions for safety of the population of a city of Moscow, safety of buildings and constructions, prevention of floodings proezdov industrial and inhabited quarters in the city of Moscow during a spring high water of 2006 .
In the document also it is specified that during the periods intensive snegotajanija and thaw clearing of garbage and naledi dozhdepriemnyh lattices will be made. Besides, kommunalshchiki will clear from naledi extreme parts of roads.
works on preparation of the hydraulic engineering constructions, water pumping out means and sushilnyh units In the near future will be spent.
till March, 10th it is entrusted to urban services to develop and confirm schemes of a detour of places of possible flooding of streets and proezdov. In spring high waters control for sanitary - an ecological condition of sources of potable water will be strengthened.
it is necessary to notice that, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, in our country of flooding regularly threaten 500 cities and tens thousand villages and villages. Periodically zataplivaetsja territory the area about 500 thousand in sq. km. Regularly without fail it is possible to speak about flooded 50 thousand in sq. km. The average size of a damage from flooding as a whole across Russia is estimated by experts at the rate from 15 to 42 mlrd roubles a year.