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Owner Noga: Debts of the Russian Federation were bought by the businessman from the USA

the Inconsistent information arrives about the transaction made some time ago on acquisition of promissory notes of the Russian Federation before the Swiss firm Noga. So, in radio station interview Echo Moscow Vladimir Kogan - the assistant to head Rosstroja and the person to whom in some mass-media acquisition of these actives was attributed, has declared that did not participate in vysheoznachennoj to the transaction.
as he said, it has passed to civil service and redeemed nothing, as in such activity for civil servants there are corresponding restrictions. At this V.Kogan has not excluded that, probably, behind the given transaction there is someone from its namesakes.
at the same time, according to RIA agency News promissory notes of the Russian Federation were redeemed not by Vladimir, and Alexander Kogan. I do not know any Vladimir Kogana. A part of my debts, - nearby 60 - 70 million dollars - Alexander Kogan, the businessman from the USA " has redeemed; - the owner of company Noga Nessim Gaon has told. It has explained that A.Kogan - the Russian by origin, but lives in the USA.
opposition Noga and the Russian government lasts more than ten years. For the first time the company has shown financial claims in 1993., when action of the trading contract between Noga and Russia has been stopped. According to the prisoner in 1991. To the barter contract, the company was obliged to put in the Russian Federation consumer goods for a total sum 1,4 mlrd dollars Russia paid these deliveries by oil and oil products. After in 1993. The prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Victor Tchernomyrdin has interrupted action of the contract and has disposed to stop shipment of oil products, the firm has exposed to the Russian government of an abacus for ostensibly not paid goods.
the Stockholm arbitration court to which the firm has submitted in 1994. The claim against the Russian government, has risen in 1997. On the party of the claimant also has confirmed debts of Russia at a rate of 25,3 million dollars in connection with default of the contractual obligations by it.
in turn, the government of the Russian Federation considers that does not bear any liabilities under this contract. Firm Noga within the limits of proceeding on so-called to Pavel Borodina`s business already tried to arrest the Russian sailing vessel Sedov and some fighters of the Sou - 30.
Besides, on November, 11th the past year in Switzerland under the claim of Swiss firm Noga the collection of pictures from the State museum of the fine arts has been arrested by it. Of A.S.Pushkin.