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Members kingiseppskoj groupings have received from 13 till 19 years

Moscow City Court has sentenced to imprisonment for the term from 13 till 19 years 7 accused on business kingiseppskoj groupings in which the former submariner Alexander Pumane entered.
the Court has decided that all seven will serve time in a corrective colony of a high security. In turn defenders of the condemned have declared the intention to appeal against against a today`s sentence as in many respects, in their opinion, it is illegal and unreasonable.
from all accused the least term of punishment - - was received 13 years by Alexander Ivanov. Igor Uldanov is sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. For 15 years Garifullin and Sergey Homutov will spend in prison Marseilles. The greatest terms of imprisonment (for 19 years) have received Andrey Ivanov and Valentine Bar - Unsociable persons.
At adjudgment positive characteristics from a residence and work of each of condemned, and also that they on expense have juvenile children were considered. Besides, a number of the condemned has chronic diseases that also has been considered by court. Many from condemned actively co-operated with investigation agencies bodies, in particular Alexander Ivanov.
we will remind, the day before the charge party has asked for board of jurymen to take out a verdict of guilty to members of a gang and to appoint terms of imprisonment from 15 to 21 years. Besides, the board of jurymen almost unanimously recognised a seven accused guilty. On March, 6th defendants have acted with last word. One of them, Alexander Ivanov, has told that has completely repented and the fair sentence asks court to pronounce, considering its cooperation with the investigation.
according to the investigation, kingiseppskaja criminal grouping Operated from the end of 1992, and in this time in its criminal activity have taken part more than 20 persons - basically inhabitants of Kingisepp (Leningrad region), Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Among them there was also a former submariner A.Pumane in which car in September, 2004 the bomb has been found out. According to the investigation, it has personally made four custom-made murders.
to the persons who have appeared today before court, the Office of Public Prosecutor incriminated murder of the director for manufacture Is new - S.Gajnanova`s Ufa oil refining factory (Ufa, 1994.), the employee of firm Roneks O.Bulatova (Moscow, 1999.), the former chief accountant of firm Bashneftehimtorg V.Speransky (Moscow, 2001.), the chief accountant of firm Group Plaza L.Krasnogir (Moscow, 2001.), the chairman of the board of firm Naval Forces - OKTAN V.Hitarishvili (Moscow, 2002.) . Also they were accused of attempt at life of the shareholder of Joint-Stock Company the Company the DIGNITY M.Orlova (Moscow, 2000.).
we Will notice that, according to the investigation, the customer at least two murders (Oleg Bulatova and Valery Speransky), made by the given criminal grouping, is the former senator from Bashkiria Igor Izmestev.
Meanwhile the organizer and the head of a gang S.Finagin on - former on freedom. Law enforcement bodies declared it in federal and international search.