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V.Resin: Moscow can do without builders - guest workers

the Management capital strojkompleksa is assured that Moscow is capable to do without guest workers. As informs the Complex of architecture, building, development and capital reconstruction, such opinion was stated by the first deputy of the mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin.
as he said, for this purpose it is necessary to prepare own building shots. Moscow should be guided by own builders - V.Resin considers. building is developed today everywhere, and now nobody wants to go to Moscow. What for to the person from Tambov to work in Moscow if it receives the same salary in Tambov and builds there the same houses, as well as in Moscow? - V.Resin asks a question.
V.Resin has underlined that the city problem - sharply to strengthen preparation of the building shots, and for this purpose it is necessary to build and reconstruct technical training colleges of a building profile. The most important thing - is necessary to increase number of the students trained in building colleges in times. If we do not make it the next years, we simply remain without builders - V.Resin has underlined.
meanwhile, according to the forecast of a complex of architecture, building, development and reconstruction of Moscow, the requirement for personnel in capital strojkomplekse by 2015 will double. In 2007 - 2015 this requirement will be according to following: 11,8 thousand persons, 13,9 thousand persons, 16 thousand persons, 16,5 thousand persons, 17,2 thousand persons, 20 thousand persons, 21,8 thousand persons, 23,5 thousand persons and 24,5 thousand persons.
deficiency in young shots, and also in increase in number of workers is thus especially appreciable. For the decision of this problem the department digs up various resources. For example, concludes contracts with formation department on preparation of qualified workers in professional educational institutions initial and secondary education.
one more already used reserve - contracts between building colleges and the organisations strojkompleksa. It is a question of an industrial practice of pupils on buildings on the one hand and about financial support by the building organisations of colleges in equipment of masterful and educational classes - with another. There is a result: recently to the leading building organisations annually come for work to 700 young workers that makes 10 % from the general release.
Besides, the complex of architecture, building, development and reconstruction of a city of Moscow with the help strojorganizatsy managed to keep earlier existing educational centres in system Glavmosstroy mospromstroja mosinzhstroja mospromstrojmaterialov mosmontazhspetsstroja mosremstroja . In them preparation by new trades, training to the second trades, improvement of professional skill by more than 60 trades and the specialities which are available in building branch of Moscow is conducted. Inservice training at industrial complexes strojkompleksa only for 9 months 2006 have passed over 36 thousand persons, including almost 3 thousand have received new trades.
also today the head capital strojkompleksa has signed the order about creation of the special commission on the organisation of interaction and to control over use of work of foreigners and nonresident on capital building sites.
the commission will work at department of a town-planning policy, development and reconstruction of Moscow - have told in the mayoralty, having added that the new structure is created for strengthening of control over migrants in Moscow. The commission will check observance of the migratory and labour legislation of the Russian Federation, and also to consider all questions of attraction of foreign and nonresident labour in building branch of capital.
the commission was headed by a deputy head of department of a town-planning policy, development and reconstruction of a city Sergey Omelchenko, and by its assistants as the head of the new commission the adviser of the head of department Valery Bystrov and the deputy chief of management of operative control and coordination of performance of town-planning programs of the same department Lyudmila Zabarsky are appointed.
According to head strojkompleksa, today in Moscow work about 1 million builders, foreign workers make of them about 200 thousand persons.