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The USA intend to condemn Russian a weapon baron

the USA intend to achieve an extradition of the dealer arrested in Thailand the weapon, Russian Victor Buta while it is not given out in any other country under its requirement, transfers Bi - bi - si.
the USA suspect V.Buta of realisation of illegal arms supplies to insurgents of grouping the Armed revolutionary forces of Colombia (FARC).
The day before V.But`s searched by the Interpol for traffic in arms the Russian businessman, has been arrested in Bangkok.
in the end 2005. The committee concerning Liberia at the UN Security Council has addressed to the governments of all countries with the requirement to arrest actives of the Russian businessman of V.Buta and its two partners - the native of Syria Richard Ammara Chichakli (the citizen of the USA) and the native of Ukraine Valery Najdo (lives in the United Arab Emirates). Before the Treasury Department of the US has frozen V.Buta`s American actives, and in April 2007. Has inflicted the same sanctions on the firms connected with R.A.Chichakli and V.Najdo.
According to the United Nations and the Ministry of Finance of the USA, V.But and its partners are involved in illegal arms supplies to Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic Congo, Liberia, Ruanda, Sierra - Leon and Sudan. In 2002. The Belgian authorities have accused V.Buta of arms supplies to movement the Taliban and to terrorists from Al - Kajedy .
The businessman categorically denies the given charges. anything and never sold and did not enter neither any contacts nor to representatives the Taliban with representatives Al - Kaejedy - confirms V.But. Charges in the address the businessman names a plot of the Hollywood insurgent in which so it is interesting to find Russian trace . As he said, the concrete facts, confirming this monstrous charge, was not and cannot be .
century Butu the network of the aviatransport companies which are engaged in freight traffic in the Eastern Europe, the USA belongs, to Africa and in the Near East.
it is curious that the character V.Buta has inspired Hollywood on creation in 2005. A film the Weapon baron . The role of the dealer the weapon, the native of the USSR Yury Orlova, was executed by Nicolas Cage.