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In 2009. Unemployment among women in the world can reach 7,4 %

Under forecasts of the International organisation of work (SQUANDERER), in 2009. Unemployment among women in the world can reach 7,4 %. This data is resulted in the annual report of the International bureau of work (MBT) Global tendencies of employment among women .
this year against going deep recession global crisis of employment can be aggravated even more, is told in the document.
situation forecasts in the work world market on 2009. Specify in the general deterioration of position and men, and women. Experts the SQUANDERER consider that global unemployment can reach level from 6,3 % to 7,1 %; thus among women it will make from 6,5 % to 7,4 % (among men - from 6,1 % to 7 %). It will lead to growth of number of the unemployed in the world on 24 - 52 million persons; women will make of them from 10 to 22 million
From the gender point of view, predictably, unemployment as a result of an economic crisis in a greater degree will mention women, than men. Such tendency will be marked in the majority of regions of the world and will especially be shown in the countries of Latin America and Caribbean basin.
a little smaller influence on position of women unemployment in such regions, as East Asia will render, industrially developed countries, the states Jugo - the Eastern Europe - not members of EU, and also the CIS country. In these states on the eve of crisis the gender inequality in employment possibilities was rather insignificant, it is marked in the report.
authors of the report also predict that in 2009. The share of vulnerable workplaces will make from 50,5 % to 54,7 % among women (from 47,2 % to 51,8 % among men). Position of women on - former is more vulnerable, but men also will be in a greater degree, than in 2007., are involved in vulnerable employment, it is underlined in the document.
the International organisation of work (SQUANDERER) - specialised agency of system of the United Nations which advancement of social justice rules, the international recognised human rights and the rights in work sphere sets as the purpose. Created in 1919., the SQUANDERER became the first specialised agency of the United Nations in 1946. The SQUANDERER develops the international labour norms in the form of conventions and recommendations, establishing the minimum standards in the field of the basic labour law.