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NASA has sent the spaceship to extraterrestrial civilisations

From the cosmodrome on cape Canaveral in the State of Florida the space vehicle which should find life in the remote parts of the Milky Way is started, informs the American TV channel Fox.
Device Kepler, created American space agency (NASA), is equipped by a powerful telescope which should survey planets far from the Earth.
our purpose - to find planets which are similar to the Earth or at least to find a planet on which surface there is a water. It will mean that life could arise not only at us - has told one of founders of the project Bill Borutski. If we find nothing, anything terrible does not happen. Eventually it is not excluded that we are really lonely in the Universe .
the Basic searches will be conducted in constellations of Lyre and the Swan which are on distance of 3000 light miles from the Earth. To find out there while it was possible about 300 planets, but basically they are similar to Jupiter. Scientists would like to find planets of the smaller size.
It is supposed that the project will last throughout 3,5 years, and its cost will make about 600 million dollars.