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8 stolen pictures of known artists are found in the Netherlands

Police of the Netherlands has found out 8 pictures of known artists which have been stolen more than 20 - ti years back. Experts still should establish their present cost, but at a rough guess it makes 15 million euro, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow .
the Found cloths were gone more 20 years ago and have been found out only this week. Ogjusta Renoir`s pictures, Kamilja Pissaro, Willem van der Felde and David Tenirsa were gone in 1987 from gallery Noortman in the city of Maastricht. Searches then have not brought results. Now the police has found out cloths in houses in the cities of Falkenburg and Valem in a province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands.
on suspicion in participation in theft of pictures are arrested 66 - summer inhabitant Valema, 45 - the summer citizen of Germany and it 62 - summer mother. To find the gone pictures it was possible after inspectors have received the information from private detective Ben Zejdemy whom in 1987 the owner of gallery has employed for search of the gone pictures, but has quickly refused its services when the detective has close approached to business disclosing.
according to a detective, now to it the citizen of Germany with the offer has addressed to blackmail a family Nortmanov, to receive from it 5 million euro. Zejdema has refused and has addressed in police. As suspect, in 1987 the owner of gallery Robert Nortman dramatized theft of nine pictures. The insurance company has paid to it then 5 million guldens. To the accomplices he ordered to burn cloths, but one picture - brushes of Dutch artist Mejnderta Hobbemy has been burnt only. Others have been hidden, and now the police intends to find out, where they were within 22 years and what role of arrested persons on this business.
Robert Nortman has died two years ago. According to the representative of the Netherlands Office of Public Prosecutor Wim de a Brain, the stolen cloths have been found out curtailed, and two of them have been strongly damaged. Experts still should establish their exact today`s cost which is preliminary estimated in 15 million euro.