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JU - B.Evkurov has met with native those who covered Saida Buryat

the President of Ingushetia Junus - Bek Evkurov has met relatives of those who covered Alexander Tikhomirov (Saida Buryat).
you should know, who comes into your house and leaves, should not suppose that your house left this dirt - the president of republic has declared. He has underlined that is ready to help personally to those who wants to return to peace life.
there is no problem to kill all criminals, there is a problem to pull out as much as possible people from this gangster way - considers JU - B.Evrkurov. There, where I cannot convince, state machinery which will not allow to be here to a gangster nest " will work; - the president has underlined.
we will remind, Said Buryat which destruction it has been declared in the beginning of week, was considered as one of the basic ideologists of insurgents. The native of Siberia, it has accepted Islam and has started to preach a vahhabism. It is considered that the insurgent was one of the nearest assistants to the leader of bands to Dock Umarova.
According to FSB, the gang of Saida Buryat is involved in train blasting the Neva express train in November 2009.