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The Strasbourg court for a year has collected from the Russian Federation more than 2 million euro

the European court under human rights (ESPCH) in 2007. Has collected from Russia in favour of citizens more than 2 million euro. On it has informed a deputy head of the device of the representative of the Russian Federation at court Natalia Zjabkina.
As she said, last year ESPCH has considered an order of 200 complaints which have arrived from the Russian Federation. From them 116 complaints have arrived on long default of judgements, for it the court has collected in favour of citizens of an order of 800 thousand euro, 700 thousand euro has been collected for unreasonable imprisonment. all is very disturbing figures which negatively affect the country budget - N.Zjabkina has told.
she has added that the complaints, expressions of opinions concerning freedom and a freedom of assembly are lost by Russia practically in 100 % cases. It is all because courts on these affairs take out unmotivated decisions, considers N.Zjabkina. The court should result such arguments which would testify to necessity of application of such measures for a democratic society - has noted N.Zjabkina.
Iteresno that annually ESPCH spends about 12,5 million euro for consideration more than 20 thousand affairs of Russians against own state. It approximately 22 % from total of the claims arriving to Strasbourg. In this connection the Council of Europe and Eurocommission even are going to enter training programs for the Russian judges, public prosecutors, officers of militia, lawyers and legal experts. To spend for it 1,9 million euro is planned. According to Eurocommission, such trainings will allow to reduce quantity of the claims arriving in the European court under human rights from Russia. The project has already been officially presented at the Moscow office of Eurocommission.