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The Moscow authorities have refused idea of a pulling down of settlement “ Island of imaginations “

Authorities of the capital have changed the opinion concerning legality of constructions in elite settlement “ Island of imaginations “. Despite statements of Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, settlement will not take down.
as have informed in the mayoralty of Moscow, the capital authorities do not intend to initiate a settlement pulling down “ Island of imaginations “. Now the city authorities consider that building in settlement was conducted lawfully.
we will remind, in the end of January the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has declared that does not intend “ to cave in under the pressure of public opinion “ in a question of a pulling down of illegal buildings in protected territories. As he said, to the following in turn on liquidation there is a settlement of elite cottages “ Island of Imaginations “ which is near to infamous Rechnikom.
“ Here sports objects, instead of houses for those uneasy people who now live in them " should be constructed; - the mayor in interview " has declared; MK “ recognising that the prefecture of the Western district in due time “has missed this question “.
“ We will necessarily bring an action, as builders of elite settlement have roughly violated conditions of the prisoner with a city of the investment contract which, by the way, is not closed yet “ - J.Luzhkov has told.
elite cottage settlement in which known people live, including the minister of the industry and power Victor Khristenko and the Minister of Health Tatyana Golikova, is constructed as is sports - an improving complex with time residing. The apartments constructed in settlement have initially been registered as uninhabited premises in houses of time residing, then they have been registered as premises in houses of time residing, after - as usual apartments.
we Will remind, last week the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has given the commission to check up to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation observance of the rights of the citizens owning the ground areas and structures in separate territories in Moscow, including in settlement Rechnik territory.
Besides, D.Medvedev “ has charged to check up validity before the accepted decisions on a pulling down of structures, and also has paid attention to inadmissibility of transformation of the decision of similar questions in a certain campaign “.
Earlier it was informed that inhabitants of Rechnika have made to J.Luzhkov claims on 100 mlrd rbl. for the houses rented in settlement. The authorities of Moscow, in turn, named them “ a barren scheme “ having added that the judgement accepted earlier about a settlement pulling down is fair and it will be realised.
according to the main court enforcement officer of Moscow Ferdauisa Jusupova, in Rechnike illegal constructions are taken down on 19 ground areas, it is necessary to release 14 more sites. After the statement of the president the pulling down has been suspended.