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V.Putin suggests to award regions for successes in modernisation

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin suggests to award regions which achieve successes in introduction of new information technology. It has made the corresponding statement at session of the governmental commission concerning regional development in Ufa.
V.Putin has underlined that the next years it is necessary to build up completely system of granting of the state and municipal services in electronic form. As he said, it is a question of the information and service portals, the integrated communication channels, departmental and regional databanks.
thus the prime minister has assured that the government intends to trace attentively a state of affairs in each region. If the regional authorities do not give to a proper attention problem, we will consider that they do not want to be engaged in quality of services, to put things in order with bureaucracy and do not reflect on that, people who live in their territories " how much comfortably feel; - V.Putin has told, having underlined that in such cases corresponding conclusions will be drawn.
however the prime minister has noticed that initiative work it is necessary and should encourage and in this connection has asked profile departments to work a question on additional financial support of the most successful in the given sphere of subjects of the Russian Federation.