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Changed indications on the case of I.Yashin`s arrest the militiaman is dismissed

Militiaman Artem Charuhin who has actually refused in court from the initial indications on the case of detention on December, 31st of oppositional politician Ilya Yashin, dismissed from the Moscow militia, transfers radio Freedom .
Acting in court, A.Charuhin on the basis of which official report the politician has been arrested, has declared that actually did not participate in I.Yashin`s detention, and the official report about the offences ostensibly admitted by the politician has made under the pressure of the heads.
the representative of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Victor Birjukov has declared that A.Charuhina`s new indications are inconsistent and cause bewilderment at colleagues .
I.Yashin has been detained on December, 31st after the Moscow co-ordinated with the authorities of the action on the Triumphal area in protection 31 - j Constitution articles.
it recognised as guilty of disobedience of order of militia and have sentenced to five days of administrative arrest. This very day have been detained and then are arrested for various terms Boris Nemtsov, Edward Limonov and Konstantin Kosjakin.