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J. Assandzh has accused the Swedish public prosecutor of sexual bias

Lawyers of journalist Dzhuliana Assandzha, the founder of site WikiLeaks, accuse the Swedish public prosecutor Maryanna Nju of sexual bias. Today in London magistratskom court Belmarsh hearings concerning the Australian suspected of fulfilment of sexual crimes in territory of Sweden will proceed.
the Swedish public prosecutor Maryanna Nju is the ardent feminist, on what protection in J has the day before paid special attention. Assandzha, inform the British tabloids. Lawyers do a conclusion what exactly therefore M.Nju so actively achieves delivery of the Australian to Sweden. It is necessary to notice that in Stockholm of J. Assandzha the court, for now only interrogation on business waits not.
The day before protection has stated fears that in Sweden the fair court, and process about an extradition of the journalist in the USA where it is threatened with the death penalty for disclosure of the state secret (earlier a number of the British mass-media can wait for the Australian not declared that in Washington the board which should develop charges against J is already generated. Assandzha and to achieve its delivery from Sweden). On charges in sexual crimes of J. Assandzhu threatens in Sweden till four years of imprisonment.
J. Assandzh repeatedly specified in political character of process. He has addressed to the authorities of the native Australia with an appeal to achieve from the Swedish government of guarantees that will not be ekstradirovan in the USA.
in 2006. J. Assandzh has created the Internet - project WikiLeaks behind which there is a struggle philosophy for the truthful information on actions and intentions of the governments. WikiLeaks names noncommercial online - the organisation of the volunteers dividing ideas radical transparentnosti of the states. The project became real force in 2010. After the publication of materials about war in Afghanistan and Iraq therefore the public has received some particulars of these campaigns discrediting official Washington. In materials it was told about unjustified victims among the peace population, the tortures applied to the arrested persons on suspicion in terrorism and a wrong move of some operations.