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D.Umarov has threatened Russia with occurrence of hundreds condemned men

the Leader of a bandit underground of caucasus to Dock Umarov has declared the participation in act of terrorism at the Domodedovo airport on January, 24th 2011. In the video reference placed on one of extremist sites, last the president the unrecognized republic Ichkeria, included by the USA and EU in the list of the international terrorists, declares preparation of new act of terrorism.
video has appeared in the Network later two weeks after terrible act of terrorism at the Domodedovo airport, however, according to D.Umarova, it has been made on the eve of explosion. On video near to the terrorist there is a young man. The press has found similarity between this man and Magomedom Evloevym suspected of fulfilment of act of terrorism in Domodedovo.
D.Umarov declares that the acts of terrorism similar to explosion in Domodedovo, will occur and further. He assures that hundreds persons are ready to become condemned men. The purpose of fulfilment of similar terrorist attacks is creation The independent Muslim state on caucasus.
experts notice that D.Umarov, probably, does not concern attack in Domodedovo and has simply decided to make to itself public relations on blood, after all recently its positions in the ranks of the Caucasian terrorists have considerably fallen. Before D.Umarov has incurred responsibility for fulfilment of act of terrorism in the Moscow underground in March 2010., which has carried away lives of 38 persons. Victims of explosion in Domodedovo of a steel of 36 persons.