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S.Lavrov promised to understand a situation with dispatch of journalist Guardian

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain William Hejg on February, 7th has addressed to the Russian colleague Sergey Lavrovu on the case of dispatch of journalist Guardian of Ljuka Hardinga. The head of the British foreign policy department has had a talk with head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and S.Lavrov promised to understand a situation, informs Guardian.
the Edition notices that the Russian minister has not given the distinct answer why the British journalist have not started up to Russia.
the case of dispatch of the foreign diplomat first in the history of the newest Russia has occurred in a past week-end. L.Harding has been sent from Russia at attempt of crossing of border. According to the journalist, it has been detained and delivered in the chamber at check of documents. In a room it has spent about 45 minutes then to it have returned the passport and have planted on flight to Great Britain. According to L. Hardinga, to it have not explained, why it have not started up to Russia, however the representative of the Federal frontier service has declared: For you Russia is closed .
Journalist Guardian L.Harding shines the Russian events. Several months ago it has left for Britain, but was going to return to Moscow and to continue work. The journalist for an operating time has had time to write some articles which have been ambiguously estimated by the Russian authorities to Russia, marks the edition. In particular, in May 2010. It interviewed father Mariam Sharipovoj - smertnitsy, made act of terrorism in the capital underground in March 2010. In the end of the last year it has published article on the basis of the data of site WikiLeaks where affirmed that at Vladimir Putin Rossija has turned in the mafia state .
it is necessary to notice that last case of dispatch of the journalist from Russia has occurred in 1989. Correspondent Sunday Times of Engus Roksburg has been sent from the USSR, but has soon returned - already to Russia.