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The Presidential Council under human rights will stand up for journalist Guardian

Council about development of a civil society and human rights at the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev is ready to help journalist Guardian Ljuku Hardingu. The day before, on February, 7th, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has declared to the British colleague William Hejgu that will understand a situation with dispatch of the British journalist from Russia.
in certain cases it was possible to us to help journalists when restrictions on their entrance have appeared decided - has declared on air of radio station Echo Moscow head of the Presidential Council Michael Fedotov. He has added also that the state right to open before that or other person the borders or not, is sovereign .
we Will remind, earlier in newspaper Guardian there was a message that arrived of Great Britain after short holiday the journalist of L. Harding has not passed passport control and has been sent from the country by the first flight.
the journalist has told that at the airport at check of documents it have forwarded in a room where it has spent pending about 45 minutes. Then to it have returned the passport and have planted aboard the plane to Great Britain. The employee of the Federal frontier service has declared to the correspondent that for it Russia is closed .
the Reason of dispatch of the journalist from Russia while is not clear. The edition pays attention that for an operating time the journalist has written to Russia some the inconsistent articles which have caused negative reaction at the authorities. In particular, in May 2010. L.Harding has interviewed father Mariam Sharipovoj - smertnitsy which has made act of terrorism in the Moscow underground in March 2010. In the end of the last year the correspondent on the basis of data of site WikiLeaks has written a material where affirmed that at Vladimir Putin Rossija has turned in the mafia state .
Last case of dispatch of the foreign correspondent from Russia has been fixed still in 1989. Then journalist Sunday Times of Engus Roksburg has lost accreditation, however after disorder of the USSR has returned and has continued work, but already in the new state - the Russian Federation.