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The Moscow high schools helped students to evade from army

Three capital institutes illegally gave out to students the inquiries giving a draught deferment. The State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation informs on it.
this list included the Russian state university of oil and gas of I. M.Gubkin, the Russian university of friendship of the people, the Russian state prospecting university of S.Ordzhonikidze.
during check it was found out that high schools gave out to students of the inquiry with instructions in them of the specialities which do not have the state accreditation. Also cases when the speciality having such accreditation was specified have been revealed, however students were not trained on the given speciality.
according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the person responsible for admitted infringements in RGGRU of S.Ordzhonikidze, is involved in a disciplinary responsibility. Checks in other high schools - on control of Office of Public Prosecutor.
decisions of the invocatory commissions in which the basis for a delay were inquiries on training in the above-named high schools Now are cancelled. More than 30 young men are called on military service.
according to all available data from the Joint Staff of the Russian Federation, in a spring appeal 2010. uklonistov became more almost on 700 persons: in 2010. Them was more than 6,7 thousand All in Russia from conscription evade an order of 200 thousand persons.