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Russia will leave without semisweet wines

the Cheap semisweet wines historically using in Russia huge popularity, can disappear from the domestic market in the middle 2012., the newspaper " writes; daily .
According to positions of the updated law On state regulation of the alcoholic market since July, 1st 2012. All wines made with application of additives, including podslastitelej, will be recognised by wine drinks and excises on them will at a time fly up five times. The price of such wines as a result will double that will make their manufacture unprofitable.
now wine in Russia considers any grape alcoholic drink prepared without addition of ethyl spirit. For wines tax loading is provided preferential enough in comparison with other alcohol. Today wine makers pay in treasury on 5 rbl. about 1 l of wine (3,5 rbl. from a bottle 0,7) without dependence from that, dry it or semisweet.
in the summer 2011. The big package of amendments in the federal law " has been passed; On state regulation of the alcoholic market in which classification of wines has been expanded: there were natural wines, fruit, likernye, and also wine drinks. Proceeding from the law text, now as wines the classical dry wines made without any flavouring additives can be called only. Semisweet wines in which in quality podslastitelja natural grape juice is added, automatically pass in a category wine drinks .
According to positions of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, all wine drinks will be considered as alcoholic production with a volume fraction of ethyl spirit over 9 % on a level with liquors, tinctures and etc. which manufacturers pay higher rate of the excise. Simple calculations show that in that case the manufacturer of semisweet wine with a standard fortress of 12 degrees from the middle 2012. The excise from a bottle of 0,7 l at a rate of 25,21 rbl. instead of 4,2 rbl. (taking into account annual increase of rates), in 2013 will pay. - 33,61 rbl. instead of 4,9 rbl., and in 2014. - instead of 5,6 rbl. It will frighten off 42,02 rbl. of the rather poor consumer from habitual production and will force manufacturers to reflect on manufacture something another, experts and participants of the market are assured.
according to the Union of wine-growers and wine makers of Russia (SVVR), semisweet wines make today an order of 80 % of volume of the market of wines, or 40 million has given. The director of branch agency TSIFRRA Vadim Drobiz considers that in ekonomsegmente (to 110 rbl. for a bottle or a package on a shop regiment) semisweet wines occupy over 90 %. According to given TSIFRRA monitoring capital roznitsy, in October 2011. Absolute leaders on sales in Moscow are semisweet wines in packages the Muscat the Isabella at the price of 63 - 64 rbl. For 1 l, and also semisweet Abkhazian wines in bottles - Lyhny Apsny etc.
By calculations of chairman SVVR of Leonid Popovicha, in case of change of the tax status of cheap semisweet wines their price for a regiment will grow practically twice - on 40 - 60 rbl. for 1 l. people will cease to buy such drinks, they will disappear from shelves, and their place will be occupied with vodka. And who from it will win? - L.Popovich is perplexed. - Addition of grape juice in wine does not do a product by less natural, and to consider as its wine drink absolutely incorrectly .