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R.Abramovich: I have paid to B.Berezovsky for kryshevanie

In London litigation under Boris Berezovsky`s claim to Roman Abramovich proceeds. In the next day Lawrence Rabinovits tried to find out from the owner London Chelsea for what he has paid to the former partner in business 1,3 mlrd dollars, informs Bi - bi - si.
B.Berezovsky`s Party tries to prove that R.Abramovich has compelled it to sell the actions in ORT, Rusale and Sibneft and 5,5 mlrd dollars However the owner " now wants to return; Chelsea asserts that should nothing, as at B.Berezovsky and Badri Patarkatsishvili was not actions which they could sell.
according to R.Abramovich, 1,3 mlrd he has paid dollars, as has solved thus to express gratitude to the instructors and assistants paying to B.Berezovsky debts for kryshevanie business .
I to myself got freedom, - tried to explain a word meaning a roof R.Abramovich. - time you have got under influence, you pay, while from - under it will not leave .
I am not sorry about it, I am happy that I to it have paid. I was very grateful to it: I would not achieve such results - the oligarch has declared.
further judicial session was tightened, as R.Abramovich answered questions through the translator, and sense of separate words understood not all. For example, some time has left for word discussion a share which owner Chelsea named rough from the point of view of Russian. it if criminals have stolen something and divide - here it is a share, on - russki - he has explained.
as a result to finish R.Abramovich`s interrogation, in L.Rabinovits`s which course as arguments has started to involve newspaper articles, on Wednesday and it was not possible.
it is necessary to notice that the London process has initially caused a ready response in Great Britain, having allowed local journalists and politicians to begin a reasoning on all structure of the Russian business. In particular, their that part of interrogation in which course R.Abramovich has told about a role of oligarchs in political life of Russia in the end of 1990 - h As he said has interested, B.Berezovsky has turned in political corporation which services were paid by all large Russian business.
however every day tightenings of court interest to it began to die away. According to experts, both parties do not have convincing proofs, and circumstantial evidences and newspaper gamble hardly will allow to establish true.