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The expert: a Fobos - the Ground there can be serious threat for the Earth

an Automatic interplanetary station a Fobos - the Ground which should go to the companion of Mars to a Fobos, but remained in a basic orbit from - for supernumerary situations, can become serious threat for the Earth. The matter is that onboard station there are some tons of highly toxic fuel, expert NASA and the adviser for space flights James Oberg speaks.
According to the expert who quotes Daily Mail, onboard the space vehicle is about 7 tons of dangerous substances, in particular diamid - poisonous, inorganic connection possessing mutagen action. As marks D.Oberg, it transforms a Fobos in the most toxic uncontrollable space vehicle in the world . Consequences of its falling to the Earth will be unpredictable.
Therefore to return control over space station and to send it to Mars in interests not only Russia, but also all other world, the expert summarises. Besides that a Fobos - the Ground contains toxic substances, on its board there is also the heaviest cargo for interplanetary transportations in the world - its weight exceeds 13 tons, and the lion`s share of this weight is necessary on dangerous fuel.
we will remind, AMS a Fobos - the Ground went to a Fobos with a research objective of the companion of Mars and delivery of samples of its ground to the Earth. However during station flight there was a supernumerary situation: the device could not leave on a trajectory for flight to Mars and remained in a basic orbit from - that engines have not joined.
in Federal space agency (Russian Space Department) have declared that a Fobos there can be in an orbit a month without falling threat. In department have calculated that commands on restart of engines of station should be given out within two weeks. Earlier the head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkin informed that fuel has not been spent and experts have three days for a solution of a problem.