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J.Luzhkov: Any nervous trembling before visit in SK I do not feel

the Former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov who has returned home from - for a boundary, it is ready to be on interrogation in investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. By words eks - the town governor, before visit in SK he does not test any nervous trembling, though, of course, pleasant it is not enough . J.Luzhkov has declared it in interview to the newspaper the Moscow member of the Komsomol .
Eks - the mayor is assured of the cleanliness before the law: I worked fairly and I can answer with quiet conscience all questions which to me are going to set. To hide to me there is nothing. No lawful bases for a presentation of charges at a consequence are present .
J.Luzhkov has told that many friends dissuaded it from returning to Moscow, stating fears that from its witness will transform into the accused. I understand all possible consequences for myself, but I can not arrive differently - the former town governor has underlined.
J.Luzhkov also has informed that has already familiarised with criminal case materials in which it appears in quality of the witness. We will remind, on versions of the investigation, the government of Moscow in 2009. Has redeemed 75 % of actions of Open Society Bank of Moscow during additional issue. Then the mentioned credit organisation the most part of the money resources received from authorities of the capital (nearby 13 mlrd rbl.) Has directed on Joint-Stock Company crediting Prime minister Estejt . And this firm, in turn, has paid off with the received money with the company belonging to spouse J.Luzhkov Elena Baturina Inteko .
It is full nonsense and bosh, - J.Luzhkov has declared. - the repayment dopemissii is not connected in any way with the credit which has been given out by bank Prime minister Estejt . Meanwhile former mayor admitted that has forbidden the spouse to come to Moscow. there are no guarantees of that it can back return to children. And it will be the present tragedy and for Elena, and for girls - speaks eks - the town governor.