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Russian Space Department: to Start engines “ a Fobos - the Ground “ yet it was not possible

Impellent installation of automatic interplanetary station (AMS) “ a Fobos - the Ground “ to start yet it was not possible, however attempts will be continued, the chief has declared a press - services of Russian Space Department Alexey Kuznetsov.
he has specified that attempts to start engines “ a Fobos “ were undertaken the day before, on November, 9th, after 23:00 Moscow time. “ Tried. Today there will be a continuation “ - A.Kuznetsov has confirmed.
the rocket of space appointment “ Zenith - 2SÁ “ with interplanetary station “ a Fobos - the Ground “ started from the cosmodrome Baikonur on November, 9th at 00:16 Moscow time and has deduced AMS into a basic orbit. However at attempt of a conclusion of the device on a trajectory for flight to Mars there was a supernumerary situation and station remained in a basic orbit.
technical malfunctions became the presumable reason of incident. Thus fuel has not been spent. The power stock gives the chance to give out commands AMS within two weeks.
expert NASA and the adviser for space flights James Oberg has stated fear that in case of falling AMS to the Earth it can turn back unpredictable consequences, as onboard “ a Fobos “ is about seven tons of highly toxic fuel.
AMS “ a Fobos - the Ground “ should go to the companion of Mars to a Fobos with a research objective of the last and deliveries of samples of its ground to the Earth. Besides, it is supposed to spend a complex of scientific researches of a Fobos and Mars remote and contact methods.
station “ a Fobos - the Ground “ has been insured in the company “ Russian insurance centre “ (RSTS) on 1,2 mlrd rbl. AMS it is insured from all risks.