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Office of Public Prosecutor about Moshe Katsav`s business: Before the law all are equal

Office of Public Prosecutor positively has concerned the decision of the Supreme court of Israel under the protection appeal eks - president Moshe Katsav condemned for seven years for rape. On it inform the Israeli mass-media.
the representative gosobsvinenija has noticed that the sentence of the Supreme court testifies to equality before the law of all citizens of the country, including eks - the president M.Katsava. According to Office of Public Prosecutor, the court has protected a victim of an attack, despite high position of the criminal.
we will remind, today the Supreme court of Israel has confirmed district court Tel decision - Aviva concerning Moshe Katsav who in March of this year has been recognised by guilty of two cases of rape and is sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.
during the appeal lawyers eks - the president tried to achieve the justification on a number of points of charge and reduction of prison term. As they said, the rape fact was not, and sexual certificates have been carried out by a mutual consent. However the Supreme court has upheld a sentence.
process details remained are unknown to general public as session of the Supreme court has been decided to spend behind the closed doors.