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The director of CIA has resigned from - for changes to the wife

the Director of the Central intelligence service (CIA) of the USA David Petreus has resigned. He motivates the decision with that has changed to the wife. Today, on November, 10th, D.Petreus has declared that US president Barack Obama has accepted its resignation, informs Bi - bi - si.
In the letter to employees of CIA of D.Petreus has specified motives of the act: After 37 years of joint life I have admitted the serious miscalculation, having entered an extramarital affair . He has specified that such behaviour is unacceptable not only for the spouse, but also for the leader of such organisation, as ours .
In the statement concerning D.Petreusa`s resignation B.Obama has underlined that D.Petreus throughout decades rendered the USA invaluable services, having made the country is more safe and stronger . The president also has noticed that it thoughts and prayers - with spouses of Petreus
D. Petreus to which 59 years one of these days were executed, became head of external investigation of the USA in 2011. Before this appointment it held key posts in the NATO - at first ordered forces of the Alliance in Iraq, then in Afghanistan. Holl`s his wife heads one of committees on support of families of military men.