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The author the national epos about S.Shojgu the Author of the epic text devoted to life of the Minister of Defence of Russia of Sergey Shojgu intends to write continuation

, Ajbek Soskal has declared that intends to continue the work. According to the writer working in the Tuva state university, after a career eminence of the former governor of Moscow suburbs, to it offers to present new edition of folklore product began to arrive.
A.Soskal has noticed that is going to take up the pen again, but at the same time waits from the new head of military department of new fulfilments. I wait, when S.Shojgu will make something. Let it works, and I while will be engaged in sketches - the writer has told.
we will remind that A.Soskala`s creativity has got to focus of mass-media in September, 2012 Then it became known that the employee of the Tuva university has written on behalf of the people of the region the folklore song, which heroes of a steel S.Shojgu, V.Putin, B.Yeltsin and D. Medvedev. The author has interpreted historical figures as the supernatural characters allocated with lines of spirits of Buddhist and pagan pantheons.
in particular, S.Shojgu in A.Soskala`s product acts as the immortal being, capable to accept an image of an eagle. Having changed in this bird, the Minister of Defence has met inhabitants herima (Kremlin) which took it in the society.
in the preface to A.Soskal`s product has complained that the tradition of creation of heroic eposes at Tuvinians de - fakto is lost. At the same time, according to the writer, in comparison with the ancestors devoting the legends to already died people, modern people possess a clear advantage. unlike epic heroes of the past, in - the first, we S.K.Shojgu see, in - the second, we hear, in - the third we read, in - the fourth, we can touch and talk. He is a terrestrial person. And it - it is valid, the hero Tuva and all Russian people, and many other countries where its groups rescued people - considers panegirist.
we Will remind that on November, 6th Sergey Shojgu earlier holding posts of the governor of Moscow suburbs and the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, has been appointed by the head of military department of the Russian Federation.