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V.Putin has congratulated policemen on a holiday and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has praised for adherence to principles

has congratulated employees and veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on their professional holiday. As informs a press - service of the Kremlin, in a congratulation, it is told: This holiday symbolises respect for the best traditions of service to Fatherland and the people which were put by many generations of your predecessors.
to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is entrusted to preserve life and rest of people, to struggle with legality and law and order infringements. It is difficult, responsible and very honourable mission. And we by right are proud of real professionals who adequately fulfil the duty, protect official authority, are the sample of personal decency and adherence to principles .
the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has congratulated collective and veterans of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the city of Moscow on a professional holiday.
your hard, responsible and honourable service is devoted law and order protection, maintenance of social stability, legitimate rights and interests of people. You provide safety and an order at carrying out of mass actions, celebrations and holidays, political campaigns and actions. Struggle against criminality demands from you professionalism and selflessness, high moral level, legal culture, and the main thing - trust and respect of the population. These qualities employees of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the city of Moscow differ. The government of Moscow helps a constant in material and organizational maintenance of capital police, the decision of social problems of its employees it is underlined in the document text.
we will remind that day of militia marked in the USSR and in the Russian Federation with 1962. After renaming of law enforcement bodies into police has changed the name and a holiday: Now in the Russian calendar of memorials Day of the employee of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation appears.