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In business about plunder of means for summit ATES there was a new figurant

In scandalous business about plunder of means for preparation for summit ATES there was a new figurant.
the consequence has suspected head of participation in commission of crime Far East management Minregiona of Russia Oleg Bukalova. On it have informed in the Tver district court of Moscow. Concerning the official the preventive punishment in the form of a subscription about nevyezde is selected.
earlier it was informed that since November, 8th law enforcement officers spend remedial actions in Far East management Minregiona of the Russian Federation in Vladivostok with a view of reception of proofs which should confirm or deny the fact of plunder of the large sum of budgetary funds an unstated group of persons.
today also the Tver court has arrested the former assistant to the head of the Ministry of regional development of Russia, the chairman of the government of the Perm edge Romana Panova. He has been detained on November, 9th.
Earlier it was informed that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has filed criminal charges upon plunder of 93 million rbl. by preparation for the summit Asian - the Pacific forum of economic cooperation (ATES) which has passed in September 2012. In Vladivostok. Criminal case is raised on ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle).
During the investigation at offices Minregiona in Vladivostok and Moscow the searches directed on revealing of persons, involved in a crime have been spent. Among suspects - a number of officials of a key element of Minregiona, including the former deputy minister R.Panov.
it is established that suspects have organised carrying out of competitions on the conclusion of state contracts on engineering and scientifically - to technical support of building of objects of the summit, and also on voluntary insurance of not completed objects then have provided a victory in them to under control business concerns.
On the settlement account of these organisations it has been listed about 93,3 million rbl., however contractors did not accept real participation in insurance and engineering maintenance of building of objects, as the services provided by contracts have been executed earlier by other firms. Further the specified means have been translated into accounts of the fictitious organisations and stolen.
summit ATES passed in Vladivostok 8 - on September, 9th 2012. On island Russian where directly took place the summit, it has been decided to erect 96 objects. Among them two bridges connecting island with continent, a complex of Far East federal university, a conference - a hall, an oceanarium, theatres and hotels. The general budget of preparation has made 625 mlrd rbl.