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The speaker of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine became the hero

the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma the decree the Hero of Ukraine with delivery of an award of the State to the chairman of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvinu has appropriated a rank. The rank is appropriated for outstanding personal merits in front of Ukraine in development of the state building, reforming of political system, the statement of ideals of civil unity and the consent in a society informs a press - service of the president of Ukraine.
Besides, yesterday the president of Ukraine has signed the decree about resignation of general public prosecutor Gennady Vasileva, has informed its press - service. The day before the president has informed that G.Vasilev has resigned also it of its signs.
the opposition insisted on removal from a post of the public prosecutor, accusing him of passive reaction to falsification of presidential elections.
we will remind, on November, 18th 2003. The parliament has agreed to appointment as the general public prosecutor of the country of Gennady Vasileva, having dismissed its first deputy of the chairman of the Supreme Rada. Then president L.Kuchma has sent in resignation of Svjatoslava Piskuna. According to the president, S.Piskun was fond of a policy instead of fulfilling the direct duties.
yesterday eks - the public prosecutor of Ukraine Svjatoslav Piskun has been reinstated. This decision was accepted today Pechersky court of Kiev under S.Piskuna`s complaint to its illegal dismissal. Now S.Piskun holds a post of the assistant to the secretary of National Security council and defence of Ukraine. The public prosecutor it became in July 2002.
the Head a press - services of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Sergey Rudenko has informed that the decision of Pechersky court on restoration of Svjatoslava Piskuna as the public prosecutor does not concern departments as it is not the party in business.
Also yesterday blockade of a building of the government of Ukraine, at last, has been removed. Cabinet protection has informed on it. Supporters of opposition have left at 9:30 on a square of Independence. Employees of secretary pass while only through three central entrances. Other three inputs remain closed as opposite to them still there are oppositionists. On the street opposite side where the government building is located, still there is a small tent small town.
in the morning near the bus with the Rovno numbers at the cabinet one of active workers of oppositionists has informed on the decision to raise blockade of the government and to go on places . If we do not make it, they then will not transfer money in the Central Electoral Committee - he has told.
Presidential Administration blocking proceeds, as participants of the action, " declare; to the victorious end . we Will stand, while here there will not pass national president Victor Yushchenko - one of demonstrators has told.
meanwhile in Donetsk yesterday Victor Yanukovych`s public selective staff has begun petition under the reference the People against Yushchenko have informed in a staff. In circulation to the president, the Supreme Rada and the State Office of Public Prosecutor 15 requirements are put forward. Among them - the termination groundless prosecutions of heads of Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov areas removal of the status of parliamentary immunity, a non-admission of intervention of the western countries in political processes in the country and a number of others.
we will remind also that yesterday, on December, 9th, the Russian Federation and the NATO have accepted the joint statement with an appeal to carrying out of free and fair elections in Ukraine. In the document it is noticed that Russia and the NATO cardinally dispersing in a situation assessment in Ukraine, call All parties and to avoid henceforth violence and provocations, to refrain from intimidation of voters and joint efforts to provide free, fair elective process which will reflect will of the Ukrainian people .
the Statement has been made, as transfers Reuters, every other day after the authorities and opposition of Ukraine have reached the scale compromise, having removed political stress in the country on the threshold of the third round of presidential election. Till now Russia and the West acted with opposite statements, and the rhetoric of Moscow has forced observers to remember cold war.
the joint statement was accepted following the results of a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Russia and the NATO.