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In Moscow will forbid wreckers

Persecutions on wreckers should begin in Moscow. Authorities of the capital already can suspend today work of services which are engaged in evacuation of the cars incorrectly parked on city streets, on penal parking. The project of the corresponding order is already prepared. On Thursday it has been vised by the first deputy of the mayor Peter Aksyonovym. The radio station has informed On it Echo Moscow .
Today the document can be signed the mayor of Moscow J.Luzhkov.
we will remind, on December, 7th the Moscow mayor has promised to forbid work of wreckers if moving of cars passes in the inadequate image. As J.Luzhkov has declared, evakuatorshchiki behave on - boorishly, and their overall objective - to extort money from automobile owners.
evacuation of cars will be forbidden since December, 10th and until further notice.
we will remind that according to tariffs for 1 hour of storage of the car on penal parking 52 rbl. 70 copeck are raised Car transportation manages in 1 thousand 809 rbl. 20 copeck Thus drivers of the detained cars are not released from payment of the penalty which the traffic police can be imposed.
the decision on moving thrown on proezzhej parts of motor vehicles is accepted after registration of the special report with participation of two understood. From this minute it is reckoned time for motor transport storage. First three hours of storage of the car are not paid only, it is considered that in this time the owner of the detained motor vehicle should eliminate the detention reason.
all in Moscow about 5 thousand spetsstojanok and places of storage of the cars detained for infringement of rules of a parking.
According to statistics of department of transport and communication of the government of Moscow, in day to evacuation procedure are exposed 350 - 400 cars.