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The next 5 years to Moscow global flooding

threatens Bolshej of a part of Moscow within the next five years flooding threatens, the newspaper " confirms today; New news . As proof of the correctness the edition cites the unfavourable data.
natural circulation of superficial and underground waters is so broken, and artificial collectors are in such condition (the deterioration makes 65 %) that almost on 40 % of city territory water level does not fall more deeply three metres. In the near future it will inevitably lead to loss of bearing ability gruntov under constructions and corrosion of communications.
the edition refers to the conclusion of authoritative experts of Institute of ecology of a city. According to this data, till 2011 flooding of 89 % of territories in East district, more than 50 % - in Severo - East, Jugo - East, Western, more than 40 % - in Southern, Northern and Severo - Western districts is expected. But more menacing situation develops between Jauzoj and the Yaroslavl highway, along Shchelkovo, Dmitrovsky, Warsaw, highway of Enthusiasts, between Southern port and Kapotnya, in Mnevnikah. In Lefortovo steels podtaplivatsja the bases of hospital Burdenko and a building of Academy of armoured armies.
in Jugo - the Western district residential areas Yasenevo, the Warm Camp and Chertanovo have got to a risk zone. In such zones danger of a collapse of buildings is great. JUgo - the western part of Moscow is located on the highest site Is Moscow - the Oksky plain strongly dismembered ovrazhnoj by a network which carries the name of the Teplostansky height. In the past in district territory there were many ravines, hollows and the beams washed away by water and almost closed by the upper courses. The district in the north of district, near to a deep valley of the Moskva River was especially relief. Depth of ravines here reached more than 30 metres. Now their majority is filled up and built up, however still represents the latent danger. For last 15 years in a city there was a doubling of small landslips. It occurs from - for accumulation on slopes of the rivers of economic garbage and a bulk ground and bad seal of tranches at a lining of communications near to slopes.
Besides, as it is known, on underground karstic emptiness of Moscow new building also is strictly forbidden, and for maintenance of firmness of already constructed buildings it is required to spend works on base strengthening. And in spite of the fact that builders know about it, real, instead of on a paper, geological examination of a site under building order not all. So-called dot building goes without checks, without control and in such places where simply it is impossible to build. Than all it can end - obviously: prosedanija, failures and destructions, are concluded by the edition.