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Days off will please Muscovites with a lung moroztsem

In coming uik - end weather of the majority of areas of the European Russia will be defined by a deep cyclone with the centre in Barents sea. Such data contains on the server Meteobureau ( www. hmn. ru ). Therefore in the days off it will be cloudy with small deposits. Air temperature remains within climatic norm or will be a little above.
southern areas of Siberia will appear on way of the Kazakhstan cyclones which will bring weather deterioration, but will bring down frosts. In the Far East the extensive Asian anticyclone will subordinate to the influence even southern areas of Primorski Krai, having brought frosty weather without any precipitations.
in Moscow during week-end weather will be defined by system of atmospheric fronts of the Atlantic cyclone. On Saturday mainly without any precipitations, only by the evening, with approach of warm atmospheric front, the light snow will begin. At night will freeze to-6 - 8, in the afternoon-2 - 4 degrees. On Sunday the light snow will remain, but frosts will weaken. The temperature within days will fluctuate in limits from-1 to-3.
In St.-Petersburg on Saturday weather cloudy and crude. There will be from time to time a sleet, and at night and in the morning on a city the fog will fall. At night about 0, in the afternoon from 2 to 4 heats. On Sunday, after passage of atmospheric front, will become cold. The temperature within days will go down to-1 - 3 degrees.
in Nizhni Novgorod on Saturday frosty weather with a light snow. At night-11 - 13, in the afternoon-7 - 9. On Sunday passage of atmospheric front will be accompanied by snow, blizzards and a gusty wind. Frosts will weaken on 3 - 4 degrees.
in Samara in the days off will become cold, and small deposits will drop out in the form of snow. At daybreak in a city to-10, in the afternoon frosts small: - 3 - 5.
In Voronezh on Saturday will do without deposits, and in Sunday will pass a light snow. At night-5 - 7, in the afternoon on Saturday-3 - 5, on Sunday on pair degrees is warmer.
in Sochi and Gelendzhik unstable weather with rains and a gusty wind will remain. At daybreak the temperature will come nearer to a zero mark, and will keep positive value in the afternoon, having raised to +8.
In Yalta and Alushte in the days off deposits will begin, basically in the form of a rain and a sleet and will become cold. At night temperature close to zero, in the afternoon it will make +5 +8 degrees.
Ekaterinburg in the days off will be in an anticyclone zone. It will define slightly overcast and frosty weather. At night to-20, in the afternoon-10 - 15 degrees.
in Novosibirsk frosty weather - 24 - 26 with a light snow on Saturday night will remain. But by the morning, after passage of warm atmospheric front which will be accompanied by snowfalls and blizzards, frosts will weaken to-15, and during the day and at all will become warmer to-6 - 8 degrees. On Sunday snow, places strong will go, is windy. At night-15 17, in the afternoon all the same-6 - 8.
In Vladivostok, after a cyclone leaving on the east, cold air from the north will start to get. Deposits it is not expected, and will become cold. At daybreak frosts will get stronger to-8 - 10. In the afternoon, both on Saturday, and on Sunday-4 - 6 degrees.