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V.Jushchenko: politicians

the Candidate for presidents of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko tried to kill Me has declared today napress - conferences in Kiev that the history is connected with deterioration of its health spopytkoj attempts at his life.
everything that has occurred to me is a certificate of political punishment. My murder " was the purpose, certainly; - he has told.
V.Jushchenko has noticed that more and more of it is convinced, and has informed, chtorezultaty the international examination will be already known within the next few days.
at the same time, the candidate for presidents has declared that is in normal fizicheskojforme. It is a question of an absolute recovery - V.Jushchenko has told, having added: Therefrom, where I was, very few people comes back, and on treatment leaves multimonths .
we Will remind that in October 2004. The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine vyneslapostanovlenie about criminal case closing about an encroachment on life kandidatav presidents, the leader of the block Our Ukraine Victor Yushchenko from - for otsutstvijasostava crimes.
on conclusions of a commission of experts, proceeding from the data medical kartochkiv. Yushchenko, withdrawn in polyclinic 2 Governments affairs, and x-copies of documents with results of medical examination of V.Jushchenko, withdrawn in the Austrian clinic Rudolfinerhaus it is possible to consider, chtouhudshenie V.Jushchenko`s conditions after September, 5th it is caused aktivizatsiejskrytoj virus gerpeticheskoj infections which further projavilastipichnymi changes in a kind sharp interstitsialnogo a pancreatitis, erozivno - of ulcer defeat of a stomach and distalnyh departments of intestines, link sided eksudativnogo a pleurisy, surrounding depriving with vyrazhennymbolevym a syndrome.
at the same time, the investigated medical documents do not give the grounds to consider, chtouhudshenie a state of health of Century By Yushchenko it is connected with presence in it organizmehimicheskih the substances which are not a part of foodstuff.
clinical displays of the illness, given laboratory researches are not characteristic dljadejstvija biological means which can be applied in kachestvebiologicheskogo the weapon, experts have drawn a conclusion.
we will remind, criminal case 49 - 1361 has been raised generalnojprokuraturoj Ukraine on September, 21st 2004. To signs of the crime provided by item 112 of the Criminal code. The basis for criminal case excitation stalimaterialy checks under the statement in mass media zamestiteljapredsedatelja Alexander Zinchenko`s Supreme Rada about perfect attempt nazhizn by V.Jushchenko`s poisoning. A.Zinchenko`s statement at parliament session was confirmed with V.Jushchenko.