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V.Jushchenko: On elections I will type 60 % of voices

the Candidate for presidents of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko expects to receive on December, 26th on repeated voting of the second round of elections of the head of the Ukrainian state more than 60 % of votes.
having informed on it on a press - conferences in Kiev, V.Jushchenko has added that intends to give more attention to work from mass-media, as for it access to central a body - and to radio channels " is expanded;. We will remind that in the first round of elections on October, 31st V.Jushchenko has typed 39,87 % of voices, and in the second round which has passed on November, 21st - 46,61 %.
V.Jushchenko also has declared that is not afraid of falsifications, as the opposition has already secured itself against them as the government, the head of Natsbank, the head of the Central Electoral Committee and the public prosecutor - in resignation . The candidate, for the law on presidential elections of Ukraine Besides, has reminded changes are made.
on November, 8th of this year The parliament of Ukraine has accepted in the Constitution of the country of the change, concerning presidential election, expansion of the powers at the expense of functions of the president and improvement of system of local government.
new article about formation is brought in the Organic law in parliament by results of elections and on the basis of the coordination of political positions of a coalition of deputy fractions which structure includes the majority of People`s Deputies from the constitutional structure of the Supreme Rada (226 persons). The coalition of deputy fractions makes offers to the president on a nominee of premieres - the minister. She offers nominees in government structure. The coalition of deputy fractions is formed within a month from the date of opening of the first session of parliament or from the date of the termination of activity of a coalition of deputy fractions.
It is offered to carry to powers of parliament appointment, on representation of the president, premieres - the minister, the Minister of Defence, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, appointment on representation of the prime minister of other members of the cabinet, chairmen of Antimonopoly committee, the State committee of television and broadcasting, Fund of the state property. The parliament will solve also a question on dismissal of these officials and resignation of the prime minister and members of the cabinet.
According to the operating Constitution, the president appoints the prime minister only at the parliament consent. Nominees of ministers and heads of other central enforcement authorities are offered by the prime minister, and the president confirms. New edition of the Organic law suggests to confer to power parliament to appoint and dismiss on representation of the president of the chairman of Security service. Except the consent of parliament to appointment of the public prosecutor as the president that the operating Constitution demands, the same requirement is entered at its dismissal.
the parliament term of appointment lasts from four till five years. It is planned to enter norm according to which powers of the People`s Deputy will be stopped if it will be not included into party fraction under which list has passed in parliament, or leaves this fraction.
Besides, in a course a press - conferences the candidate for presidents of Ukraine from opposition has denied the information that the USA have given it the financial help on election campaign carrying out. So he has commented on the statement of the congressman of the USA Rhone of the Floor that the government of the USA could spend millions dollars for V.Jushchenko`s support. I was bothered with these legends. If all so finance Our Ukraine (V.Jushchenko`s block), at me one question, where money? - has declared V.Jushchenko. Who could finance people on square of Independence which have spent there 17 days? - zalal a question the leader of opposition. As he said, within 17 days of the action of disobedience on a square of Independence in Kiev 12 private hospitals worked, more than 15 restaurants delivered a food to participants of this action.
on the same the press - V.Jushchenko`s conferences asserted again that the history with deterioration of its health is connected with attempt of attempt at his life that him tried to poison, and named it the certificate of political punishment . V.Jushchenko promised that results of the international examination will be already known within the next few days. Now the candidate for presidents, as he said, is in the normal physical form .
In October 2004. The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine has taken out the decision about criminal case closing about an encroachment on life of the candidate in presidents, the leader of the block Our Ukraine Century Yushchenko from - for absence of structure of a crime. It is necessary to remind that deterioration health of the candidate in presidents has begun after September, 5th. On conclusions of a commission of experts, proceeding from the data of a medical card of V.Jushchenko withdrawn in polyclinic of 2 Governments by affairs, and x-copies of documents with results of medical examination of V.Jushchenko, withdrawn in the Austrian clinic Rudolfinerhaus it is possible to consider that it is connected with activization latent virus gerpeticheskoj infections which was showed further by typical changes in a kind sharp interstitsialnogo a pancreatitis, erozivno - ulcer defeat of a stomach and distalnyh departments of intestines, link sided eksudativnogo a pleurisy, surrounding depriving with the expressed painful syndrome. At the same time, the investigated medical documents do not give the grounds to consider that deterioration of a state of health of Century By Yushchenko it is connected with presence in its organism of the chemical substances which are not a part of foodstuff.