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The world Nobel Prize

a world Nobel Prize for 2005 is handed over the head of IAEA. Today has been handed over the general director of the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA) to Mohammed al - to Baradei and the chairman of the council of managing directors of this organisation Jukii Amano, IAEA and its head transfers AR
awards in October 2005 have been awarded. For efforts on prevention of use of atomic energy for military needs, and also for maintenance of the most safe use of atomic energy in the peace purposes .
On traditions, an award the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel committee in Oslo in the presence of the king of Norway Harold V and members of royal family has handed over. The size of an award makes 10 million Swedish crones (1,1 million euro or 1,3 million dollars) .
making thankful speech, M al - Baradei has told that the mankind now faces a choice - the nuclear weapon or life. I do not doubt that if we want to avoid self-destruction, to the nuclear weapon there should not be a place in our collective consciousness, and to it should not be assigned a part in maintenance of our safety - the head of IAEA has declared.
we will remind that the Nobel Prize in the field of the literature for 2005. The British playwright Harold Pinter has been awarded. Winners of the award in the field of physiology and medicine were the Australian scientific Barrys Marshall and Robin Warren which have opened a bacterium helicobacter pylori, causing a gastritis and stomach ulcer, and also capable to provoke a stomach cancer.
the Nobel Prize on the physicist had been awarded American John Holl and the scientist from Germany by Teodor Hensh for the contribution to development of laser spectroscopy, and also the American physicist Roj Glober - for the contribution to development of the quantum theory optical kogerentnosti.
the French scientist Iv Shoven both the American scientists Robert Grabbs and Richard Shrok became Owners of the Nobel Prize in the field of chemistry - the award is awarded by it for the contribution to development of a method of the metathesis with reference to organic synthesis. A Nobel Prize on economy for 2005. The Israeli scientist Robert Aumann and American Thomas Schelling have divided.