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V.Putin has signed the law on introduction in Russia of Unified State Examination

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the federal law About modification of the law of the Russian Federation About formation and the federal law About the higher and poslevuzovskom vocational training regarding carrying out of uniform graduation examination accepted by the State Duma on January, 26th 2007. And approved by the Federation Council on February, 2nd 2007. On it informs a press - service of the head of the state.
According to the law, period of validity of the certificate on results of Unified State Examination is established till December, 31st of the year following after year of its reception. It will allow entrants to arrive in high schools with results of the handed over Unified State Examination within two years. It is necessary to hand over examination anew further. Further the right to pass examination in state certification carrying out is given again.
the right to arrive in high schools hors concours is given to children - to orphans; To children without parental support; to children - invalids I and II groups; to participants of operations; to winners and prize-winners of the All-Russia Olympic Games of schoolboys if the high school speciality corresponds to Olympic Games profile; to children of the military men who were lost at execution of the duties, and also champions of the Olympic games.
According to the law, Unified State Examination combines in itself the state (total) certification of graduates of 11 classes and entrance examinations for receipt in the state educational institutions of an average professional and higher education.
It is provided that Unified State Examination is spent by the authorised federal enforcement authority together with state controls formation and council of rectors of subjects of the Russian Federation. For this purpose in regions the state examination board which structure on an equal footing joins representatives of the general and vocational training is created.
it is thus established that at receipt on training on the specialities demanding certain creative, psychological and physical abilities, along with results of uniform state examination additional entrance examinations can be spent. The right of carrying out of additional examination of a profile orientation, including in a subject on which uniform state examination was spent also can be given separate high schools.