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G.Onishchenko is assured that in 2008. Russians will stop to drink

Head Rospotrebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko once again has called Russians on struggle against alcohol. He counts that in 2008 in sphere of an alcoholic policy in the country there will be a fundamental change. On it informs TV channel Russia .
I Think that in 2008. There will be a crisis, and we will revive in the aspiration and we will relieve Russia from more than 300 - the summer hellbender initiated by Peter I. We will return into place, we become patriarchal, esteeming a domestic tyranny in the consumption plan of alcohol the country - the main health officer of Russia is assured.
answering a question on renewal of deliveries of Moldavian wine to Russia, G.Onishchenko has noticed that the country does not test wine hunger . Moldova, having accepted our claims, undertakes efforts to return on our market, and we promote it, though at Russia in it the person are necessary are not present - he has told. As to Georgia it, according to head Rospotrebnadzora, in this question has not promoted in any way. unfortunately, the Georgian business did not address with such request - G.Onishchenko has told.
Remembering a situation with a wave of poisonings with the substitute alcohol, swept on the country in the summer - autumn of 2006, Onishchenko has informed that about 16 thousand Russians at this time were ill with a toxic hepatitis, them them about 2 thousand have died.
it is a question of people of the low social status who buy alcohol, recognising that is in a pocket - head Rospotrebnadzora has told. He has underlined that as a whole in Russia reduction of number of deadly alcoholic poisonings is observed. Their number, according to G.Onishchenko, was reduced for 2006 on 12,5 thousand cases.