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The court has refused to V.Baturin satisfaction of the claim to Inteko

the Tver court of Moscow has refused today satisfaction of the claim of Victor Baturin - Elena Baturina brother which is the president of the company Inteko and the spouse of capital town governor Yury Luzhkov.
the court has considered the proofs furnished by the claimant insufficient for satisfaction of the statement of claim. Upon termination of session V.Baturin`s defenders have declared its intention to appeal against against the given decision in Moscow City Court.
in turn lawyer Evgenie Filitovich protecting in court interests Inteko has noticed that the claim is recognised by unreasonable in essence taking into account that fact that dismissal has been made in December 2005. Under the initiative and will of the worker, in full conformity with norms of the labour legislation. therefore in this case remedial argument about the passed limitation period simply most simple and obvious - he speaks. At the same time, as he said, the respondent (the company Inteko ) All documents confirming legality of procedure of dismissal have been in addition presented court. Financial requirements, as well as the court recognised, also are illegal. with Victor Baturin full calculation, according to the current legislation " has been made; - has concluded E.Filitovich.
we will remind that in the claim V.Baturin asked to restore it on work in Inteko and to pay indemnification for not used holidays.
at session on February, 1st 2007. The court has heard opinions of the parties on necessity of carrying out pocherkovedcheskoj examinations of the statement of V.Baturin of leaving from a post of the vice-president Inteko which has been presented court by the respondent. During the previous session the claimant did not recognise authenticity of this document and petitioned before court for its carrying out pocherkovedcheskoj examinations.
in Joint-Stock Company Inteko Which is engaged in manufacture of products from plastic, building and agricultural business, V.Baturin worked with 1999. As the vice-president. In January 2006. E.Baturinoj`s statement that her brother has decided to leave the post in the end of December 2005 has been extended. About the conflict reasons between the brother and the sister till now there is no official information.
in the statement of claim the former vice-president Inteko has specified that has learnt about the dismissal from messages of mass-media. Besides, from the statement follows that since January of last year it has been deprived possibility to work in the office, its admission in an office building has been cancelled, and protection refused to let in it, referring to the corresponding order of the president of the company.
as indemnification the company Inteko by V.Baturin`s calculations, owe it 3 mlrd 461 million rbl. Also the claimant demands to pay it a salary for 12 months 2005. - 3 mlrd 973 million 932 thousand 37 rbl., thus it estimates the average salary in 331 million 16 thousand rbl. a month. Besides, in the statement it is told that V.Baturin, working in Joint-Stock Company Inteko did not use 217 days of holiday and demands to pay as indemnification 2 mlrd 494 million rbl.