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The number of users of cellular communication in the Russian Federation in January has grown on 0,25 %

Number of users of cellular communication in Russia in January 2007. In comparison with December 2006. Has increased by 0,25 % - to 152,3 million persons. Such data is resulted in research of consulting agency Advanced Communications and Media (AC &M). Level of penetration of cellular communication in the Russian Federation for the accounting period has increased by 0,3 % - to 104,9 %.
Thus for January, 31st 2007. Level of penetration of services of cellular communication in Moscow has increased by 1,9 % - to 158,3 %, in St.-Petersburg has decreased on 0,2 % - to 138,9 %. Quantity of users of cellular communication in Moscow in January 2007. Has grown on 1,2 % in comparison with December 2006. - to 26,889 million persons. At the same time in St.-Petersburg this indicator has decreased on 0,15 % - to 8,804 million persons.
number of users cellular communication in other regions of Russia in January 2007. Has not changed almost in comparison with December 2006. Also has made 116,605 million persons, penetration level - 95,7 %.
Meanwhile to Russia at full speed there is a preparation for introduction of networks of mobile communication of following generation (3G).
Thereupon it is necessary to tell that the international operators already declared the winner of competition on manufacture of a budgetary mobile phone for networks 3G on 2007.
As has informed on a press - conferences in Barcelona the president of world association GSM Rob Konvej, company LG Electronics mobile phone (LG) - KU 250 became them. The given model of phone on the average on 30 % is cheaper, than existing similar on functions mobile 3G - phones.
earlier within the limits of similar competitions for increase in user`s base 2G mobile phones Motorola were used, for example.
As the Rouble has noted Konvej, competition carrying out is connected with desire of operators by means of various programs to increase number of the countries captured by networks 3G, and number of their subscribers and also so that networks 3G became more mass and accessible to various groups of subscribers.
LG Electronics is the fifth on size in the world the manufacturer of mobile phones - after Nokia, Motorola, Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson.