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The Council of Federation intends to toughen sharply control over a blog sphere

In the Federation Council amendments to the law " prepare; About mass media regulating activity Russian the Internet - editions, transfers TV channel Russia .
position about obligatory registration the Internet - the sites which quantity of visitings a day exceeds 1 thousand should become One of amendments If amendments are accepted, it first of all will mention a blog sphere (the given term designates set of all blogs (network magazines) as a social network).
One of initiators of amendments, the vice-president of the incorporated commission on the national policy and mutual relations of the state and religious associations at the Federation Council Vladimir Slutsker, has informed that the given norm corresponds to article 12 - oh to present edition of the law where printing mass-media with circulation from 1 thousand copy and above are subject to obligatory registration.
the Vice-president has noticed that now every fourth Russian uses the Internet in the information and communication purposes. but thus the network is regulated by nobody and gives access to any information, - he has added. - under concept of mass-media it is possible to bring any regularly updated sites, including personal diaries, forums and chats .
network editions with audience less than 1000 visitings, on a voluntary basis " can receive the Status of mass-media also; - has noticed V.Slutsker. He has underlined also that entering of the amendments, the concerning Internet, new edition of the law " will demand also; About mass-media and in other operating acts. So, for example, according to the vice-president, it is necessary to make amendments and to law item 57 as in operating edition of mass-media are relieved from responsibility for the publication of the doubtful data, if this data Are literal reproduction of messages and the materials extended by other mass media .
Opponents of new amendments assert that blow thus can be struck to blogs, and also on forums, chats and the dating sites which number of visitors considerably exceeds 1000 persons.
the Internet, too mobile environment, which behaviour not always it is possible to regulate traditional legislative frameworks the general director considers the Hosting - the Center Sergey Molchanov. As he said, the given amendments cause many questions. how the editions which attendance is more than 1000 persons and who will count up visitors, for example, will be traced? Who will bear responsibility if attendance of a resource has passed for 1000 persons, and the resource is not registered as mass-media? What under the new law it will be necessary to make with popular bloggers tysjachnikami? - the expert asks a question. too mechanistic the approach to introduction of such amendments can lead to that the new law cannot effectively work - S.Molchanov is convinced.
meanwhile the Federation Council commission of experts works over legal formulations of amendments. It is supposed that changes in the law will be submitted for consideration the State Dumas in this spring.