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Arbat - Prestige the Moscow City Court can be closed in some weeks

on February, 11th has refused to change a preventive punishment to the co-owner of a chain store system Arbat - Prestige to Vladimir Nekrasov arrested on charge in evasion from payment of taxes.
the lawyer of the businessman Alexander Dobrovinsky asserts that to its client have suggested to sell business to leave on freedom, but it will not do it. In the meantime, as the newspaper " writes; Kommersant the largest suppliers of a network, including GK Uniform Europe have stopped cooperation with it. If shipments do not renew, shops Arbat - Prestige can already be closed in some weeks, competitors predict.
after V.Nekrasov`s arrest many suppliers of cosmetics and perfumery have stopped shipments of production on warehouses of shops of a network. For example, co-owner GK Uniform Europe (Exclusive distributor Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Dolce &Gabbana, Moschino, Salvador Dali, Valentino, Max Factor, etc.) . Igor Deniss has informed on February, 11th that its contract with Arbat - Prestige has ended in the end of 2007, and negotiations are now carried on for possibility of its renewal.
according to other employee Uniform Europe on a share of brands delivered by group it is necessary to 15 % of all presented in Arbat - Prestige production. Vladimir Nekrasov Svetlana ShCherbakova`s assistant on February, 11th has confirmed rupture of relations with some suppliers, but more detailed comments has refused.
a number of the analysts interrogated, really do not exclude that some suppliers can be frightened of V.Nekrasov`s arrest and stop deliveries. The representative of one of networks droggeri considers that a number of the companies can refuse prolongation of contracts with Arbat - Prestige .
At the same time in the Russian representation Procter &Gamble (the delivering mark Max Factor, Herbal Essences, Olay, Pantene, etc.) have declared that the company the treaty obligations before Arbat - Prestige carries out in full.