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Serbia will in absentia condemn S.Milosevic`s living in Russia

Litigation over the widow and the son of the former president of Yugoslavia of Slobadan Milosevic the family, probably, will pass in absentia, informs Associated Press referring to the statement of the representative of the Serbian Office of Public Prosecutor.
the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor asserts that investigating bodies intend to continue investigation, despite reception by members of a family of S.Milosevic of the status of refugees in Russia. And after the consequence termination the decision on an official presentation of charges and possible correspondence litigation will be accepted.
Mira Markovich and Marko Milosevic which, under the informal data, live in Russia with 2003. And in March 2006. Have received the status of refugees, are pursued by law enforcement bodies of Serbia in connection with suspicions in participation in a number of crimes.
According to Office of Public Prosecutor of Serbia, they headed the criminal network which was engaged in illegal import and sale of cigarettes on territory of Serbia and Montenegro during the period when against the country the international sanctions operated. The Office of Public Prosecutor asserts that illegal activity has allowed smugglers to earn ten millions euro. Both M.Markovich, and M.Milosevic these charges denied.
S.Milosevic has died on March, 11th 2006. In prison of the International tribunal across the former Yugoslavia (MTBJU) around the Hague at the age of 64 years as a result of a myocardium heart attack. The Hague tribunal accused S.Milosevic of war crimes and a genocide during military operations in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo in 1990 - h years.