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Experts: Electronic letters - valentinki can be dangerous

Experts warn about danger of the electronic letters comprising congratulations on the Valentine`s day.
as have informed in a press - service “ Kaspersky`s Laboratories “ mailing of letters - valentinok, infected with Trojan virus Storm, has begun on February, 12th 2008ã. At 2:00 Moscow time. Messages contain images of the big heart and an oath in eternal love.
employees of the company “ Anti-virus decisions “ notice that for virus writers Storm use of holidays and important world events is characteristic to draw attention of users. The virus began to extend on a network in January 2007ã. With the message on  destruction from hurricanes in Europe 230 persons. Then it has appeared in messages on the war untied with Iran, further has got to Christmas and New Year`s cards.
the similar scheme is realised by computer pirates and on the threshold of Day of the enamoured. However experts are assured that danger of the given virus can be strongly exaggerated.
virus Storm exists already for a long time, all developers of anti-virus programs have brought it in the bases, therefore to the users established licence anti-virus ON and regularly updating licence anti-virus bases of signatures, there is nothing to be afraid.
Experts recommend not to click for the references received in the letter from unknown senders, not to start the enclosed files, and also to spend updating anti-virus and antispamovyh bases on all points of protection. If computer or network infection has occurred, experts recommend to address in a support service “ or in the centre of the developer of the anti-virus programs established at the user “.