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The American seamen have arrested the Somali pirates

At coast Somalias are arrested 7 suspected of a piracy. As representatives military - marine sea fleet of the USA have informed, prospective pirates have been detained in Adensky passage.
in the Navy of the USA have specified that the trading vessel going under the flag of Marshall Islands, has submitted the distress signal, having informed that it tried to grasp. The American military men have hastened to the aid and have arrested a piracy vessel, transfers Associated Press.
the Somali pirates, pirates of the XXI-st century, throw down till now a challenge to the world community and while it is possible to tell that the number of successful attacks to the sea considerably exceeds successes of the international forces, called to protect the ships from attacks.
so, from the beginning 2008. It has been noted more than 120 attacks, more than 35 courts have been grasped by pirates, with the requirement of payment of the repayment for clearing were kept more than 600 seamen.
last incident was safely resolved 4 days ago. Pirates have released the Chinese fishing vessel Tianyu No. 8 after three months of its maintenance in a captivity. The command of the ship consisting of 15 Chineses, 4 Vietnameses, 3 Filipinos, 1 Japanese and 1 inhabitant of island Taiwan, feels well.
right after clearings the Chinese military ship took Tianyu under protection. Pirates have grasped Tianyu on November, 13th 2008. At coast of Kenya. They have ordered to a command to conduct a vessel in the Somali port of Kismayu.
most likely, and this time to pirates was money, however what sum of the repayment are paid, it is not known.