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In car-care centre situated near Moscow hid the cars hijacked in Moscow

In Moscow Region police officers during carrying out operatively - search actions have revealed car-care centre which served a sediment bowl the motor vehicles stolen in territory of capital.
as have informed in area law enforcement bodies, in car-care centre which is in Domodedovo, the cars of Peugeot stolen earlier and Audi have been found out.
police officers have detained the owner of car-care centre. Investigation is at the moment made. Participation of a management and employees of car-care centre to other similar crimes, including dismantling of the stolen cars on spare parts and thrashing on cars of numbers is established.
in January of current year in territory of Moscow employees of criminal investigation department of capital on jugo - the city east also have revealed a court yard - a sediment bowl the stolen cars. In a court yard was registered in Toyota RAV4 stealing. Behind a place supervision has been established. As a result it was possible to detain the man who some times came on the car (as it was found out later, too registered in stealing) and something took from in the yard Toyota RAV4. At a search from it have withdrawn the equipment for neutralisation of the alarm system and standard protection frames of cars, and also a set of metalwork tools.
number of stealings and thefts of vehicles in territory of Moscow in 2008. Has decreased. For all last year it has been registered 12 thousand 327 thefts and stealings that on 9,9 % it is less, than in 2007.
Employees of traffic police it was revealed 12 thousand 313 cars appearing in search that on 9 % it is more. More than 5 thousand from them appeared in number before stolen and stolen (increase at 4,7 % in comparison with 2007.) .
With use it is hardware - program complexes the Stream experts have checked up about 126 million units of motor transport and have found out 4 thousand 591 a wanted vehicle. With the assistance of staff of divisions of traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow last year it has been opened 3 thousand 625 crimes.