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In A.MakKuina`s company have refused to make comments on its suicide

Alexander McQueen Company has refused to make comments on news about his death, having added that the family asks journalists not to disturb them and to allow to realise this terrible news transfers Bi - bi - si.
On Friday the company belonging to the fashion designer has published the statement that world famous designer Alexander McQueen has been found dead in the apartment in the centre of London.
as a preliminary cause of death in police consider suicide. 40 - summer Alexander McQueen has been found hung up.
mother A.MakKuina that became the reason of deep depression of the designer which, probably, and has led to so sad consequences one week ago has died. Last records testify to it in A.MakKuina`s blog.
in some days A.MakKuin should represent the new collection on a Week of a fashion in London, and on March, 9th - in Paris.
to Career in the world of a fashion of A.MakKuin of the beginnings in 16 years from work in masterful Sevil Rowes. Specialised on man`s suits for high society. After the termination of College of arts of St. Martin worked for Japanese designer Kodzi Tatsuno, then at the Italian fashion designer R.Dzhili in Milan.
in 1997 has taken a place art - directors in house Givenchy instead of John Galliano. In the beginning of 2001 has left from Givenchy and has started the fashion line.
in May, 2007 has drawn attention of public the interviews after suicide of girlfriend Izabelly Blou.